Investment Seminars

2014 Investment Seminar

Montage Financial Planning Ltd and Select Insurance & Investments

Ltd held their annual seminar at Tamaki Yacht Club on Tuesday 29th

April 2014.


We had two interesting and informative speakers:

29 April 2014


  • David Beattie, Joint CEO Grosvenor Financial Services Ltd gave a market and performance review and economic update.  Please click here for a selection of some of the slides from his presentation.

  • MaryRose Spence, Dietician - a well known authority on nutrition and weight control.  MaryRose discussed "The Power of Food".  Click here for a selection of some of the slides from her presentation.

The evening was enjoyed by all, as evident from the positive feedback from those that attended.

2013 Investment Seminar

28 May 2013


  • Guest Speakers: Carmel Fisher, Managing Director of Fisher Funds and Peter Miller, AFA, of Select Insurance & Investments Ltd.

  • Carmel’s topic was “Investing in 2013 – What Does the Future Hold? Click here for a selection of some of the slides from her presentation.

  • Peter's topic was “The Five Biggest Mistakes Investors Make” – he provided an insight into five common mistakes investors make and explained how to avoid them. Peter also discussed the use of a “WRAP” programme, how they work and why they tend to be our preferred vehicle for managing investments.  Clickhere for a selection of some of the slides of Peter's presentation.

2012 Investment Seminar

20 June 2012


  • Guest speakers: Bevan Graham, AMP New Zealand Chief Economist and Jonathan Cron, Director of New Zealand Trustee Services Limited

  • Bevan delivered an informative, entertaining and at times humorous Economic and Market Outlook.

  • Jonathan presented a timely and rather cautionary account of the benefits and pitfalls of Family Trusts.


  • Guest speaker: David Beattie, Chief Investment Officer and Joint CEO, Grosvenor Financial Services Group Ltd.

  • David provided guests with an informative Market and Economic update and had a closer look at “Investment Strategies in a Volatile World”.

2011 Investment Seminar

14 November 2011

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