Investment Seminars

29 April 2014


  • David Beattie, Joint CEO Grosvenor Financial Services Ltd gave a market and performance review and economic update.  Please click here for a selection of some of the slides from his presentation.

  • MaryRose Spence, Dietician - a well known authority on nutrition and weight control.  MaryRose discussed "The Power of Food".  Click here for a selection of some of the slides from her presentation.

The evening was enjoyed by all, as evident from the positive feedback from those that attended.

2014 Investment Seminar


  • Guest Speakers: Carmel Fisher, Managing Director of Fisher Funds and Peter Miller, AFA, of Select Insurance & Investments Ltd.

  • Carmel’s topic was “Investing in 2013 – What Does the Future Hold? Click here for a selection of some of the slides from her presentation.

  • Peter's topic was “The Five Biggest Mistakes Investors Make” – he provided an insight into five common mistakes investors make and explained how to avoid them. Peter also discussed the use of a “WRAP” programme, how they work and why they tend to be our preferred vehicle for managing investments.  Clickhere for a selection of some of the slides of Peter's presentation.

2013 Investment Seminar

28 May 2013


  • Guest speaker: David Beattie, Chief Investment Officer and Joint CEO, Grosvenor Financial Services Group Ltd.

  • David provided guests with an informative Market and Economic update and had a closer look at “Investment Strategies in a Volatile World”.

2011 Investment Seminar

14 November 2011


  • Guest speakers: Bevan Graham, AMP New Zealand Chief Economist and Jonathan Cron, Director of New Zealand Trustee Services Limited

  • Bevan delivered an informative, entertaining and at times humorous Economic and Market Outlook.

  • Jonathan presented a timely and rather cautionary account of the benefits and pitfalls of Family Trusts.

2012 Investment Seminar

20 June 2012

Montage Financial Planning Ltd and Select Insurance & Investments

Ltd held their annual seminar at Tamaki Yacht Club on Tuesday 29th

April 2014.


We had two interesting and informative speakers:

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