Investment Seminar - 6 June 2018


Greg Fleming, AMP Capital Head Strategist – presented on “Investment Options in a Riskier Regime”.


  • The first months of this year have punctured the complacency in global markets and introduced an elevated awareness of risks to returns for the year ahead.

  • What are the options available to shelter recent years’ capital gains without sacrificing market upside, in the event that the bull market resumes?

  • How seriously should we take the new nervousness in asset markets?

  • What are the key negative risks, and what might surprise us positively?

Rod Oram, renowned international business journalist presented on the topic “Reinventing Paradise”.

The global economy is already experiencing unprecedented changes as we begin our urgent transition to clean technology.  New Zealand is well placed to benefit from these profound changes over the next 30 years as we adapt to climate change.  But the transition is immensely complicated and difficult, as the productivity Commission’s recent report lays out.  Rod described some of the main pathways, and the opportunities along the way for investors, businesses, consumers and the public at large.

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