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The attached note updates our analysis of the coronavirus outbreak and what it means for the economic and investment outlook and for investors. The key points are as follows: 

  • While reported new coronavirus cases in China have slowed, the pickup in cases outside Chi...

February 13, 2020


Market sentiment has deteriorated materially in recent days, as investors assess the potential impacts of the Novel coronavirus outbreak. 

The virus has spread rapidly throughout China, and cases have been reported as far away as the UK, Europe and North Amer...

The key points are as follows:

  • The coronavirus outbreak, while horrible from a human perspective, is just another of a long list of worries for investors.

  • Our natural inclination to zoom in on negative news combined with a massive ramp up in the availabili...

The attached note looks at the China coronavirus outbreak and its economic and investment implications. The key points are as follows:

  • The China coronavirus outbreak has led to concerns of a global pandemic triggering an economic downturn.

  • Our base case is t...

Welcome to the first edition of Capital Wrap for 2020, our monthly rundown of investment insights and news from AMP Capital New Zealand.

The past month saw a resumption of investor nervousness after the bullish end to 2019. Greg talks through the key geopolitical event...

The news flow from China and around the world about the spread of the Coronavirus (CoV) has been a bit negative, and the markets have reacted relatively quickly to it, eg., the US stock market fell round 2% on Friday, Chinese shares fell 8% yesterday and NZ shares 1.5%...

Investors: keep watch, keep calm

Despite the rightly mounting concern about the spread of the Coronavirus, as mentioned above, there is reason to believe that the threat will be contained and managed, but it could take some time with epidemics usually taking 6-18 months...

2019 was a challenging year for the global economy. We had accepted that global growth was through the peak in cycle, but the weakness was more extreme than we had anticipated and growth looks to have come in at around 3.0% for the calendar year. The greatest area of w...


Here is Nikko’s pick of what to expect over a stable and strengthening 2020 and beyond:

  • Short term interest rates will stay low and stable.

  • Longer term rates will be more volatile - however any increases will be modest as global economies will struggle u...

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